Sunday, November 29, 2015


Oh, hello.  Good to be read by you, again.

Another Thanksgiving come and gone, and a Black Friday reared its ugly head once more.  I never really understood the thought process behind the riots and willingness to do anything to buy a flatscreen--that is, I understand it as a subjective goal, but like many other people, I can't level with the justification of guerrilla warfare to reach said flatscreen.  While we're on the topic, the appeal of spending hundreds on a product on sale for slightly fewer hundreds is entirely lost on me.  Until 2015, I always thought the concept of something being "on-sale" was beyond my comprehension, shuffled into the mental pile of "mathematics you'll never be able to do", but this year I realized I wasn't missing anything.  Its all a perspective.  When I was a gawky, pale kid, I would go to Target with my mom and she would sometimes pick a product off the shelf and say something along the lines of "Its only $275 and it used  to be $325--what a great buy."  Sometimes the product was a justifiable necessity, but it would confound me if the item was a luxury or some unnecessary affectation.  The confusion came from the idea of "saving money".  Even if something is reduced in price, you're still paying $275 for it--you're not saving money, you're still walking out the door with less than you came in with, I...I don't know.  Maybe I'm still not getting it.  It could be like one of those super-couponer things.  This horse of entitlement, greed, and corporate debauchery was dead and beaten to a pulp long before I picked up a billy-club, so lets move on.

Kids...can't live with'em, can't kick'em.  Amirite?  Eh?? 

CALIFORNIA.  I am making the move to the great West and so happy to initiate the change.  I've submitted applications to USC and UCLA for a Fall 2016 MFA in Screenwriting in TV and Screen, and  At the moment, I'm scouring the forums for a job--any job--to solidify before actually setting feets on the ground.  Hint, hint, if anyone out there needs a guy who can do literally anything the world and make it look handsome, give me a shout out!  Almost literally anything in the world.  Almost.  

Thats enough for now.