Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shhhhout out!

Guys, I have had a BLAST drawing these new comics. I'm so excited to put out this mile-long list of ideas on paper and then onto the paper of the internet. ...so to speak. But I want to ask you guys for a favor. I have a friend, a dear friend, from years long passed.

 Her name is Jane, and she is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard! She lives for music, and clearly, music has been waiting for her. As one of my friends, I want to see her succeed, to see her dream come to fruition and become the purveyor of ideas and energy through musical progression. The beats are sick, the melody is all original and performed by Jane herself, and not just that, but her music is real and true to the soul! Her lyrical ability translates into an energy that mortal ears absorb like a sponge.

 In a nutshel, I really enjoy her music and I think you will too, she's on iTunes and Youtube so please check her out and--if you're feeling awesome--demand a performance for here in Tampa!




 Much luvs and peaces!