Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just when you thought things were getting boring...

(Current life soundtrack: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - "What Shall We Die For?"

I think it's safe to say life comes at you in waves, right? It all depends on what wave you're currently in the middle of; could be a wave of success, failure or neutrality. Many people spend long sections of their lifetime trying to catch the next wave of successes, and others are still trying to figure out which wave they're currently riding. The other half to this is determining one's receptiveness to these waves and they're decisions to either act or not.

I suppose I'm confused at which wave I'm riding, at the moment. I've become extremely busy recently, but not in the way I had expected or hoped for. Not to say it is at all negative, because it isn't, but its certainly different. BUT (and this a rather large but. Hell yeah, capslock!) I REFUSE to allow this confusion to slow me down and therefore will NOT blog about it as if it were something negative. Allonsy! (Google that word, if you don't know French, lulz)

My first real acting class ended last week! Blarg!! I did damn well on my last performance, and I was glad I finally had a notch for the belt, but now I've got the theatre itch and I'm looking to pursue another class. The question is...where. For that first class, I was driving an hour south to Sarasota every Wednesday night. Thats ends up being pretty costly after a while, however, I chose the theatre in Sarasota because I was comfortable there and I trusted their experience and knowledge in theatre arts. Its tough to find good acting teachers, especially in Clearwater. Thanks to some help from other local actors on The Tampa Film Network, I'm looking into enrolling in some Fall classes at Ruth Eckerd Hall. I am skeptical, yes, but no one ever got anywhere in life by staying in their comfort zone. On to the next wave!

In other news, I've now got 3 jobs! 4, really, if you count a volunteer job, but really we're not because the word "job" indicates financial income. Anyway, this is what I was referring to when I began this chapter about waves in life. Right now, I'm really busy! I've always got something going on or deadlines to meet or things to schedule into the calendar, but not much of it is for Voice Acting. So the wave I'm currently riding has me mucking about in all different directions, which is a good thing because a boring life is a stale life. Without all this work I'd be gathering dust and feeding my addiction to the internet (which I'm trying to break, honestly). It would just be rather nice if I didn't have time or the need for 3 jobs because I were so busy with voice acting! I'm still making time for VO work though, don't think I've taken my focus away from my passion. My schedule is shifted a bit, thats all, to accomodate the waves of life as they crash upon the figurative indomitable seawall that is my spirit. I still submit auditions by the score weekly, and continuously look for new opportunities to expand my business and market myself.

I suppose thats why I'm looking for more acting classes. Voice acting IS acting, just with your voice, so any acting course will add to your ability to create reactions in an audience. I love sparking emotions in people, whether its through stories or acting or what have you. (P.S. I just switched songs to the "Boondock Saints" theme)

I'm back at the 'Bucks, sipping on an iced coffee, and my usual table is occupied by a guy. One guy. This isn't one of those 1-person round tables either, this is the 6ft rectangular one with 6 chairs surrounding it. This dude looks like he's ready to raid the hardest level in World of Warcraft; a wireless headset, laptop, HUGE 3-ring binder, wrist brace, massive cup of coffee and sunglasses. Ok, I can understand everything up til the shades. Really dude? Is it THAT dark in this Starbucks that you require ocular shielding? Or is the screen brightness of your laptop SO friggin' sweet that mere mortals wouldn't dare look up on it out of fear of having their face's melted off? As I was typing that last sentence, the dude fist-pumped the air. No joke, he really did. Haha.

I suppose thats it for now. A rather short chapter in the Grant Chronicles, but no less significant in the slightest.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New blog time! Whoo!

Greetings and hello, fellow earthlings!

Let me just start with a shout out. I just bought some soap (yes, soap) from this luxury soap website (YES, soap! Omg, get over it.) LuxuryLaneSoap.com If you are a turbo nerd, like me, and you enjoy being clean--also like me--then you NEED to see this site! This awesome chick, Kylee Lane, created her own company making organic, luxury soaps and they're all themed/shaped after the the greatest sci-fi shows in history! I now have a little, scale model of the TARDIS sitting on my bathroom shelf, complete with "Police Box" and window stickers, and it smells amazing! There's also a Borg Cube soap bar! Its ridic, I know, but its one of the greatest concepts for a business I've ever encountered. Well played, Kylee, well played indeed.

Onward! Allons-y! I just closed up a volunteer VO job for an old friend. It was a group project for her college class. I'm not sure what course it was for, but I think it was a media production thing. The project was a documentary-style video on a UF soccer player and was beautifully done! I did my best for the read, and of course, I was super-editing my voice when I first heard it in the final cut, haha. But it was very well produced and I tip my hat to the brains behind it. I also give a big thanks to them for allowing me the opportunity to help out! You can watch the final cut here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usA0xVDJXn4&list=FL6TT3yLYbZ-Y&index=2

Next on the agenda: Codecs! I recently switched phone service providers and the time has come to add a new feature to my company, Voice Granted, and that feature is ISDN capability. An ISDN connection allows your studio to connect with any other studio in the world and provides high-quality, real-time sound without the risk of dropping internet connections. Its used through the phone line and converts analogue sound to digital sound....or something like that, haha. Either way, its a MUST for any voice actor and its time I MUST have one. After some research online and a helpful tip from fellow voice over and friend, Caryn Clark (CarynClark.com), I've decided on the Telos Zephyr Xstream. It has received pretty sound reviews and is a happy medium between the lowest market brands and the top shelf brands. But it IS pretty pricey. Somewhere in the $5k range. Ouch. But, se la vie! Once it's purchased, installed and successfully functioning, I will update you!

Tomorrow night...Butch Honeywell makes his final performance. GASP, yes its true, Wednesday night I will perform my monologue for the last time. Its been almost 8 weeks since I started in my acting/monologue class at the Florida Studio Theatre, in Sarasota Florida, and I've learned worlds of skills that I will utilize throughout my career. Its a bittersweet occasion; I'm more confident than ever in my abilities as an actor, but at the same time, I am sad for it end. But all good things must do so, right? How else can we move on to the next great chapter in our lives? The performances will be put on in the same room and conditions we've always held class in, with the exception with a few more audience members. The teacher, Jason Bruffy (amazing teacher, even greater director and actor) is inviting other employees/teachers/actors from the studio to come watch our final pieces. NO PRESSURE. Haha, plus, I've been scheduled in to go last! I've gotta wait until the other students do they're monologues before I can hit the stage! I'm a patient guy, but I REALLY prefer to not think about things and just DO them, y'know? On top of that, all the other students are AMAZING and I've gotta follow their acts! Its gonna be interesting, lol. But just like the 10th Doctor said, "Allons-y!" I'm also excited for the after-party! The other students, myself and Jason will be heading to the bars of Sarasota for a well deserved toast to a class well done! Whoo! Let us rock and/or roll!

PostScript time: I'm back at Starbucks and just watched a woman order a medium coffee (tall? venti? I dont know what the name is). She walked to the sugar/cream table with her female friend, both of them chatting away. She then grasped the glass sugar jar and released a steady stream of sugar into her cup of coffee. Not a big deal, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. What caught my attention, was when she successfully completed 3 full sentences and at least 4 hand gestures before relinquishing her sugary assault on her beverage. Must've been, at least, a 15-20 second pour. This fiend of sweetness then allowed herself a sip, and volleyed yet another pour of sugar before replacing the glass jar of granulated goodness back to its origin. I can't imagine how difficult it must've been to stir that coffee! It had to be similar to stirring thick mud with a broom handle! I can't help but think of Wilford Brimley's famous line: "...diabeetus..." Maybe I'm crazy, but isn't coffee supposed to taste like coffee? Instead of tasting like a light-speed trip to the candy kingdom with a hint of mocha?