Monday, July 18, 2011

Lacrimosa Dominae

Thats what I am listening to at the moment; Lacrimosa Dominae. I remember it from the Spider-Man 2 trailer and it took forever to find. But I finally did and here I love having it in the background when I work. The song makes me feel more motivated, on a mission or racing against time, haha. I definitely prefer instrumental pieces, as opposed to lyrical songs, when I am working. I find the words of the music is too distracting to my thought process.

Yes, Lacrimosa does have lyrics, technically, but its a choir singing in Latin, so its not really distracting. Another list of favorites: anything composed by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, or Klaus Badelt. So essentially the music from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, or any classic cinematic from the past 3 decades, haha. Think about it, these movies were meant to move people; to motivate them, inspire them, light their brains up in new ways! So listening to their instrumental soundtracks is a great way to keep those feelings alive and useful when faced with tasks, obstacles or even daily routines. Well, it works for me, anyway.

Great way to wake-up motivated and pumped for the day: 1) Buy an alarm clock that allows you to play a specific song of your choice when alarm goes off. 2) Place your favorite article of clothing next to your alarm clock (a hat, if you have one.) 3) Program the alarm clock to play the Indiana Jones Theme when you wake up. 4) When you wake up, put on your hat, listen to the song for a moment, pretend you're looking into a camera and say aloud an epic catch phrase or line like, "Here we go again." 5) Start your day in an epic way.

In other news: I've been studying a monologue for my Acting Class and its going really well! Its from the theatrical performance, "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot." Its a wonderful play, I just recently watched it on youtube, and I thought it was very provocative and original. My piece, specifically, is the monologue of Butch Honeywell, at the end. So far my memorization skills have proven far. I'm having to recall my study methods from college, when I took a semester of Mandarin Chinese; read it, write it, read it, write it from memory, repeat until memorized (done by sections.) The class overall is going well. The students have been fun and Jason Bruffy, the teacher, makes each class an interesting experience. He has a long history with theatre directing, acting, etc, and it shows with every class.

The next class is this Wednesday, at the Florida Studio Theatre (theater? theatre? proper spelling?) to add anxiety to the excitement, I met one of the head theater directors last week, and she promised to bring me a sample of her Israeli coffee! This should be an interesting broadening of culinary horizons. Although I do not drink coffee regularly anymore (kicked the habit, whoo!), I do occasionally indulge in a 'cup o' joe' and I make sure it is a damn good one. Yes, unfortunately I do take Starbucks sometimes, but those are the times I require a little caffeine boost and don't require taste perfection. Some of you may be shocked at my words, but its my opinion that Starbucks' coffee has a slightly more than comfortable burned (burnt?) taste to it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

There for me

The website is essentially done! For all intents and purposes, it's pretty much finished :). I'll be making an announcement soon for it and it'll go live! Woot!

I've recently come into contact with a fellow voice over/actress, Caryn Clark, of . Definitely check out her website, she is one cool dame! It was really a pleasure to meet her (only via email, unfortunately) because we share a lot of the same background; both voice overs, and UF Alumi! Its always a breath of fresh air to see people you can relate to succeed, right? Especially when business slows down, or you're in between waves of progress. I am currently not moving too quickly forward, and thats natural, its all a part of the entrepreneurial life! And even though things aren't ideal at the moment, I'm still extremely proud of what I've accomplished thus far and I know there is no where to go but up.

It's times like these that I complete a task, or overcome a hurdle and I pick my head up to say "Dad, come check this out!" but an instant later I remember that he's gone. He passed away this past March at the age of 60. He really was a mentor and inspiration for me, and he still is. I was so timid to move forward after I graduated from college, and I didn't even realize it. When faced with big decisions, I would delay as long as I could, until the very last minute. I avoided topics that could change my life. I suppose part of that was attributed to the thought of leaving dad behind and missing time with him. Now that he's gone, a strange thing has happened. I thought his sudden passing would shock me into reclusive state or make me even more hesitant to move forward, but come to find out the opposite has happened. I've never felt so alive and motivated to keep moving up and out. I know dad is always with me now and I know he's happy; that gives me the strength to dream bigger and act on those dreams.

These are also the times when I recognize my dad helping me through different means. I have such an amazing and supportive family and friends, I sometimes feel I don't deserve it. One of my best friends, Gemma, is such a genuine and caring person and I can relate to her life in many ways. She and I were team mates on the UF swim team, we both have lost a family member too soon in life, and we both love writing. Just like dad used to do, Gemma is always reminding me to continue my writing (I'm pretty lazy about it), and she also checks in on me often just to say hi. We'll randomly send each other assorted baskets of sugary delights, as well. She is so full of love and kindness, and I know, in a way, this is my dad's love working through her. This is the reason why I keep moving forward. My family and friends are all here to help me succeed, and I for them, as well. Its amazing how intertwined your life is and most of us don't ever realize it. When I think about it, all that timidness and hesitation ceases to exist. It melts away and my path becomes more clearer than ever. Naturally, the fog will return and I will stray from the trail, but thats when you look for the lights of your life to re-orient yourself. They'll always be there for me, even during the worst of times when all I want to do is sulk and mope. They're there, I just have to look for them.

Love you and miss you dad!