Monday, June 27, 2011

Not so keen with Safari

Just a future-FYI for all Apple users: For some reason, its been difficult to find an audio player to embed on my website that is compatible with Safari. Therefore, if you can't see my audio players to hear my AWESOME VOICE OVER DEMOS, then open my website in Chrome, or Firefox, or (God forbid) Internet Explorer.


With blogs come grammatical errors

Just picked out all the grammar errors of my last post, haha.

Go easy on me, folks.


Back at Starbucks...

Carpe diem! Seize the....carp. I'm back at Starbucks at the moment, working to get this website up and running.

Why Starbucks? Coffee. But Grant, how do you deal with the relaxing music (which causes the opposite effect), the hipsters and lack of open spaces in comfy seats? I'm glad you asked. See, the obnoxious construction on US-19 makes access to this particular Starbucks atrocious. I mean, just a complete headache. You have to wait to do a u-turn at the longest red light on the west coast of Florida, on top of the construction. Therefore, barely anybody is coming to this Starbucks. Essentially, I've got the entire place to myself, and this pleases me. I could probably do my computer work and enjoy my coffee while nude, if I (and the employees of Starbucks) deemed it necessary, haha. I think we've all had those moments when we've considered the idea of streamlining our work efficiency through the use of partial and/or full nudity. Just a thought for you all to ponder on.

Because some of you are now thinking about it.

And now some of you have probably done a visual sweep/mental evaluation of your surroundings, and then considered the consequences of working naked where you're sitting at this...very...moment.

Hey, you only live once.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Name, New Company, New Grant

Hey Gang!

At the moment, I am trying to build a whole new website for the brand new company I'm forming for my voice over business. It's gonna be, as the greeks used to say, sicknastyawesome. I will keep you posted as all sorts of stuff hits the fan, haha.