Monday, October 3, 2011

Time to be metaphorical...figuratively speaking.

nuqneH! maj, je yI?

Or "Hello! How are you?" in english. I felt rather nerdly this afternoon, so I decided to begin my blog with a bit of Klingon. No, I'm not fluent in Klingon, but I am fluent in Google, and therefore am indirectly fluent in every language. And so demonstrated is a look into the realm of Grant's Logic. Please keep your hands and arms inside the car while exiting.

The soundtrack for today's blog, as I write it, is "Amy in the TARDIS", by Murray Gold and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. A song composed for the British sci-fi series, "Doctor Who", my recently top favorited program :).

Did anyone else feel the disappointment I did from watching the UF/Bama game, this past weekend? Twas a shame, indeed, but I stand as a true Gator and will not lose faith in my Alma Mater, as should you all. With your own Alma Maters, I mean. If you're a Gator, then woot for you!

I sought very deeply to attend the Bama game, but alas, I was bound here in Clearwater by the weight of responsibility. Disappointed? Yes, I admit I felt sad the pre & post game festivities would commence and end without me, however, at the same time I was excited! For I was remaining here to participate in the first script read-through for the film I was casted in! :D If you're a loyal reader, you'll remember I landed a role in a small Indie film being produced in Tampa, and this past Saturday was the first time the main cast and director met up for introductions and scheduling! The film's title is "Of Stony Sleep." I am genuinely, genuinely excited for this project and I cannot wait to begin filming in late November/early December.

Moving on; I wanted to share a neat little poptart of thought I came across while enjoying the writings of a very close, very dear friend, Gemma. If you are feeling adventurous and seek to have your soul garnished with exotic colors and spiced with powdered diamond-paprika, then I highly recommend you check out her blog:

I'm sure you all have seen and/or read "Harry Potter", and if you're a true fan, you'll remember the mystical creatures known as Thestrals. As described by the wonderful and oddly charismatic Luna Lovegood, Thestrals are creatures visible only to those who have seen death. Both the films and books (remember those? They're the analog versions of movies) describe the appearance of the Thestrals as a stand-offish first impression. Bony, skeletal, winged horse-like creatures with reptilian features; these animals initially birth fear and intimidation to the audience. Such visually deterring sights, Harry was taken back by them and, in turn, so were the people following Harry through the 4th wall of fantasy fiction. It seems natural that the sight of these off-putting creatures could only be gained through the worst experience anyone can endure.

I have never bore witness to the passing of someone's soul from this world, but with the passing of my father last March, I got close enough. The experience left a void in my my soul. A void that will never be filled, will never heal and I will feel the pain of it every day for the rest of my life. Similar to Harry (but in a completely figurative sense), I have my own view of Thestrals now. I have this large fearsome looking creature that follows me everywhere I go and, in a way, I'm the only one who can see it. The people I see on the street can't see it, they can't feel the weight of it, they can't perceive the void it reminds me of. And they may have Thestrals of their own, yes, I am not saying I'm the only one who has ever felt the pain of loss, but whats mine is mine alone. I will never claim to feel exactly what someone else feels, because I'm not inside their mind, nor can they do the same for me.

Here's where I'm going to refer back to the wise Luna Lovegood. Luna could see the beauty in so many things that others found repulsive. What was spurned by so many she embraced, and understood, and appreciated. The Thestral became, as the audiences discovered, quite beautiful animals. While they reminded those characters of memories unwanted, or undeserved, they also served as a symbol for a far more valuable idea. A symbol introduced to the Harry Potter audience before Thestrals were even named in the series. A symbol that represents figuratively what Thestrals do literally.

Thestrals move forward.

Before they were finally seen by Harry, and openly named by Luna, these--then invisible--creatures were used to transport the carriages of 1st year students to Hogwarts from the arriving train. When Harry could finally see them, he used them as transport once again. The adventure could not have continued without the Thestrals and, quite simply, they moved the story forward. The beasts used as a reminder to characters of the death they came so close to literally moved the characters forward and onward with the new chapters enveloping their lives. Chapters they faced, ready or not. And so was demonstrated the beauty of the Thestral that (I believe) Luna Lovegood saw in them, or at least one of the beauties she saw. The other beauty is the 'kinship' created by those who could see the Thestrals. A commonality which they all shared. A void left in each of their lives. An unspoken, unwritten brotherhood to connect them all. Voids born from death cannot be fully healed, but they can become easier to endure through the help of those who know their own pain.

And so...we move forward. Ready or not. :)

After using the word 'Thestral' 13 times, I leave this blog entry hoping that this piece of nerd-philosophy brings comfort to anyone who may need it.

I dedicate this particular blog entry to one of my best friends, Gemma.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The mermaid on my thermal cup-sleeve is mocking me....

Wow, been a while since the last post, huh? I suppose it can be attributed to schedules, stress and writer's block, with a dash of procrastination. Ok, maybe few tablespoons of grade-a procrastination. But thats in the past and we're in the now and the future is currently upon, so.....allons-y!

I be feelin' in a pirate mood as of late, probably due to my recent journey to St. Augustine...arrr. Indeed, as Scoutmaster of Troop 404, I accompanied a band of 11 scallywag younglings and 4 adult leaders to Anastasia Island for a 2.5 day campout. I must say it was magnificent! St. Augustine might be my favorite city, and if I'm wrong, its definitely in my top 4. So much history seeps from every sidewalk corner; centuries of pirates have left their mark upon the shores and roads. Fort Castillo de San Marco is, to me, one of the greatest human accomplishments. Its very existence is a one of true poetic irony. To summarize the colorful history of the fort in one very short passage: In 1684, a man was convicted of being a pirate in St. Augustine. This man, Andrew Ranson, was busy being executed for his mistaken identity when the rope that was seconds from squeezing his soul away from his body snapped. This was taken as a sign from God and he was given pardon. In exchange for their mercy, Ranson utilized his knowledge and skills as a mason to build Fort Castillo de San Marco; a fort which withstood every pirate attack it faced. The irony? A "pirate" built an impregnable fort to fend off pirates! To quote Captain Jack Sparrow, "Funny ol' world, isn't it?"

We visited the Pirate & Treasure Museum, and our tour guide was a pirate impersonator, Captain William Mayhem. This guy was the real deal, beard, outfit, weapons and a piratey way o' speakin'. It made me realize something profound; I LOVE St. Augustine, and I love anything related to pirates, so I've finally devised my retirement plan! My retirement will consist of buying a nice old house on the beaches of St. Auggie, and my days will be spent being a pirate on St. George street. Learning the history of the town, giving tours, getting pictures with piratey folk, and then joining my fellow pirate crew at a local pub for a bottle of rum. I like that plan.

Enough history and piracy! Ask me how I'm doing, go on, ask me.

...I'm glad you asked. I'm doing quite well! I've been doing as may VO auditions as I can muster, and I just landed a role as an extra in a 'Funny or Die' sketch! "Great Moments In American Tourettes" is the ongoing sketch title. I haven't gotten too many details, but I do know filming is set to shoot this Friday, and every extra is to bring 3 sets of clothing; 1 set resembling 1930's style, 1 from 1970's style, and 1 from 1990's style. Being a fluent cosplayer, I say challenge accepted.

No further news on the political thriller film I was casted in, but I'm anxiously watching the phone on an hourly basis.

Grant, aren't you stressed at all from your high-rollin' lifestyle? Hmm...There is ONE thing that is stressing me out, and its Halloween. Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday (besides my birthday, of course) and every year I want nothing more than to outdo last year's costume. Back in the day, I could stop a crowd with my Capt. Jack cozzy, and it quickly became my favorite hobby. This great, big game of pretend is something I'm genuinely passionate about, but alas, with each new year comes the same obstacle; cash flow. Due to lack of funding, my ideas are forced to remain on the page and live vicariously through the cheaper, more feasible costumes. My original plan was to dress as David Tennant from the 10th incarnation of the Doctor, from the BBC show "Doctor Who", and I was able to locate sources that could provide me with accurate and custom-fitted clothing to do so, as well as props to recreate his Sonic Screwdriver. However, it would come at a heavy cost, the likes of which this pirate can nay be affordin'. Yes, I could make use of old, used clothing from a thrift store, but it wouldn't be the same to me. It wouldn't have that true realism I seek for my costume. And yes, I am a Halloween snob, its quite obvious. I can't help it, thrive on a costume's authenticity and accuracy, and my soul is lifted not only when I manipulate materials into a masterpiece of masquerade art capable of mesmerizing the masses, but also when I bring that art to life. An essential part of the Halloween experience is being the person you're dressed as. Its all well and good to dress as Capt. Jack, or Heath Ledger's rendition of the Joker, but can you enslave people's attention with your deadly accurate fluency with Jack-Sparrowisms? Can you swagger your way into a crowd and bring silence to the lips of many, and widen their eyes in disbelief as a true pirate has just entered their midst? Or can you strike fear into the heart of an individual before you even say a word, using not only your crudely applied clown make-up, but also the look in your eyes that speaks the language of insanity? These...compulsions for cosplay creativity are but mere shadows of my passion for Halloween. Madness, some may say. Madness?!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its the pits being a pit

I love peaches. Yes, I do have a lingering affection for my late dog, Peaches (an apricot toy poodle, who passed away years ago), but that is not what I'm talking about. I speak of actual peaches. Who DOESN'T love--or at least like--peaches? Non-peach eaters are difficult to find, mark my words.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a perfectly ripe peach today in the same manner that I have always executed when sinking my teeth into these delicious fruits of goodness. I make an incision along the fruit's crease, longitudinally, then twist the two hemispheres to reveal the pit inside. If the fruit is perfect, it will pull away from the pit with no resistance and I can enjoy large bites of the peach halves with no fear of breaking one of my ivory masticators.

After I had removed the pit from this particular specimen, but before I had taken the pilot bite, I began to think, which always leads to trouble. I thought about the pit. The peach's pit. Does anyone every take time to think about this seemingly insignificant yet slightly cumbersome thing? With most peaches, the pit is large, unwilling to leave the sanctity of the peach's center and a hazard for teeth. So why should the average consumer put any further thought towards this hardshell jaw-shocker? Well....

I realized that I was the first and only person to ever lay eyes upon this pit. This SPECIFIC pit. The first! For months, during this peach's life on the tree, the pit acted as this fruit's life force, its base for attachment, its memory of it's mother tree and a promise for a future of more peach generations. And I was the first to see it in the light of day. As well, this was the first time the pit had ever seen light itself. If it had a consciousness, how confused it would be if the only world it ever knew came splitting open to reveal the universe behind the curtain.

"But Grant, you're just reiterating a high school education on biology and blah blah..." Yes, this thought train is something we are all already aware of, an common knowledge that is all too common to every man, woman and child and rather insignificant compared to the grand scheme of life. Every other seed-bearing fruit must endure the same life, never seeing the real world except for a moment as they fly through the air and into a refuse bin. But...seeing this pit made me think. In that moment, I felt rather honored to be the consumer of this perfectly ripe peach. A feeling of gratitude towards the pit only felt natural, along with a feeling of guilt as I laid it within the garbage can.


And now for something completely different; news! Labor day weekend! I hope all of yours' were grand because mine was quite relaxing indeed. The activities included cigars, slacklining, watching the Gators destroy FAU, cooking, root beer, regular beer, a bit of BBC America, and the beach (from which I'm still nursing a horrendous sunburn.) Saturday, I had a great opportunity with an audition for an on-screen independent film. Ask me what kind of film it was...

...I'm glad you asked! Its being categorized as a 'steampunk/victorian era political thriller'. Sounds good to me! I read for the part of Bartie, an adventurous type of chap thrown into the midst of a presidential scandal after his wife dies in an apparent "accident." I'm excited to hear back from the director, I'd love to be a part of this project!

Fast forward to this present; I'm sitting in Panera as I'm writing and a young girl just sat down across from my table. Looks to be a college student, judging my her stack of index cards, salad and giant coffee cup. What caught my eye is the device she is typing on. It's an iPad, standing upright on a mount and attached to a keyboard. In my mind, the first thing I thought was, "Congratulations, miss, you just invented the laptop." Lulz

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just when you thought things were getting boring...

(Current life soundtrack: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - "What Shall We Die For?"

I think it's safe to say life comes at you in waves, right? It all depends on what wave you're currently in the middle of; could be a wave of success, failure or neutrality. Many people spend long sections of their lifetime trying to catch the next wave of successes, and others are still trying to figure out which wave they're currently riding. The other half to this is determining one's receptiveness to these waves and they're decisions to either act or not.

I suppose I'm confused at which wave I'm riding, at the moment. I've become extremely busy recently, but not in the way I had expected or hoped for. Not to say it is at all negative, because it isn't, but its certainly different. BUT (and this a rather large but. Hell yeah, capslock!) I REFUSE to allow this confusion to slow me down and therefore will NOT blog about it as if it were something negative. Allonsy! (Google that word, if you don't know French, lulz)

My first real acting class ended last week! Blarg!! I did damn well on my last performance, and I was glad I finally had a notch for the belt, but now I've got the theatre itch and I'm looking to pursue another class. The question is...where. For that first class, I was driving an hour south to Sarasota every Wednesday night. Thats ends up being pretty costly after a while, however, I chose the theatre in Sarasota because I was comfortable there and I trusted their experience and knowledge in theatre arts. Its tough to find good acting teachers, especially in Clearwater. Thanks to some help from other local actors on The Tampa Film Network, I'm looking into enrolling in some Fall classes at Ruth Eckerd Hall. I am skeptical, yes, but no one ever got anywhere in life by staying in their comfort zone. On to the next wave!

In other news, I've now got 3 jobs! 4, really, if you count a volunteer job, but really we're not because the word "job" indicates financial income. Anyway, this is what I was referring to when I began this chapter about waves in life. Right now, I'm really busy! I've always got something going on or deadlines to meet or things to schedule into the calendar, but not much of it is for Voice Acting. So the wave I'm currently riding has me mucking about in all different directions, which is a good thing because a boring life is a stale life. Without all this work I'd be gathering dust and feeding my addiction to the internet (which I'm trying to break, honestly). It would just be rather nice if I didn't have time or the need for 3 jobs because I were so busy with voice acting! I'm still making time for VO work though, don't think I've taken my focus away from my passion. My schedule is shifted a bit, thats all, to accomodate the waves of life as they crash upon the figurative indomitable seawall that is my spirit. I still submit auditions by the score weekly, and continuously look for new opportunities to expand my business and market myself.

I suppose thats why I'm looking for more acting classes. Voice acting IS acting, just with your voice, so any acting course will add to your ability to create reactions in an audience. I love sparking emotions in people, whether its through stories or acting or what have you. (P.S. I just switched songs to the "Boondock Saints" theme)

I'm back at the 'Bucks, sipping on an iced coffee, and my usual table is occupied by a guy. One guy. This isn't one of those 1-person round tables either, this is the 6ft rectangular one with 6 chairs surrounding it. This dude looks like he's ready to raid the hardest level in World of Warcraft; a wireless headset, laptop, HUGE 3-ring binder, wrist brace, massive cup of coffee and sunglasses. Ok, I can understand everything up til the shades. Really dude? Is it THAT dark in this Starbucks that you require ocular shielding? Or is the screen brightness of your laptop SO friggin' sweet that mere mortals wouldn't dare look up on it out of fear of having their face's melted off? As I was typing that last sentence, the dude fist-pumped the air. No joke, he really did. Haha.

I suppose thats it for now. A rather short chapter in the Grant Chronicles, but no less significant in the slightest.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New blog time! Whoo!

Greetings and hello, fellow earthlings!

Let me just start with a shout out. I just bought some soap (yes, soap) from this luxury soap website (YES, soap! Omg, get over it.) If you are a turbo nerd, like me, and you enjoy being clean--also like me--then you NEED to see this site! This awesome chick, Kylee Lane, created her own company making organic, luxury soaps and they're all themed/shaped after the the greatest sci-fi shows in history! I now have a little, scale model of the TARDIS sitting on my bathroom shelf, complete with "Police Box" and window stickers, and it smells amazing! There's also a Borg Cube soap bar! Its ridic, I know, but its one of the greatest concepts for a business I've ever encountered. Well played, Kylee, well played indeed.

Onward! Allons-y! I just closed up a volunteer VO job for an old friend. It was a group project for her college class. I'm not sure what course it was for, but I think it was a media production thing. The project was a documentary-style video on a UF soccer player and was beautifully done! I did my best for the read, and of course, I was super-editing my voice when I first heard it in the final cut, haha. But it was very well produced and I tip my hat to the brains behind it. I also give a big thanks to them for allowing me the opportunity to help out! You can watch the final cut here

Next on the agenda: Codecs! I recently switched phone service providers and the time has come to add a new feature to my company, Voice Granted, and that feature is ISDN capability. An ISDN connection allows your studio to connect with any other studio in the world and provides high-quality, real-time sound without the risk of dropping internet connections. Its used through the phone line and converts analogue sound to digital sound....or something like that, haha. Either way, its a MUST for any voice actor and its time I MUST have one. After some research online and a helpful tip from fellow voice over and friend, Caryn Clark (, I've decided on the Telos Zephyr Xstream. It has received pretty sound reviews and is a happy medium between the lowest market brands and the top shelf brands. But it IS pretty pricey. Somewhere in the $5k range. Ouch. But, se la vie! Once it's purchased, installed and successfully functioning, I will update you!

Tomorrow night...Butch Honeywell makes his final performance. GASP, yes its true, Wednesday night I will perform my monologue for the last time. Its been almost 8 weeks since I started in my acting/monologue class at the Florida Studio Theatre, in Sarasota Florida, and I've learned worlds of skills that I will utilize throughout my career. Its a bittersweet occasion; I'm more confident than ever in my abilities as an actor, but at the same time, I am sad for it end. But all good things must do so, right? How else can we move on to the next great chapter in our lives? The performances will be put on in the same room and conditions we've always held class in, with the exception with a few more audience members. The teacher, Jason Bruffy (amazing teacher, even greater director and actor) is inviting other employees/teachers/actors from the studio to come watch our final pieces. NO PRESSURE. Haha, plus, I've been scheduled in to go last! I've gotta wait until the other students do they're monologues before I can hit the stage! I'm a patient guy, but I REALLY prefer to not think about things and just DO them, y'know? On top of that, all the other students are AMAZING and I've gotta follow their acts! Its gonna be interesting, lol. But just like the 10th Doctor said, "Allons-y!" I'm also excited for the after-party! The other students, myself and Jason will be heading to the bars of Sarasota for a well deserved toast to a class well done! Whoo! Let us rock and/or roll!

PostScript time: I'm back at Starbucks and just watched a woman order a medium coffee (tall? venti? I dont know what the name is). She walked to the sugar/cream table with her female friend, both of them chatting away. She then grasped the glass sugar jar and released a steady stream of sugar into her cup of coffee. Not a big deal, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. What caught my attention, was when she successfully completed 3 full sentences and at least 4 hand gestures before relinquishing her sugary assault on her beverage. Must've been, at least, a 15-20 second pour. This fiend of sweetness then allowed herself a sip, and volleyed yet another pour of sugar before replacing the glass jar of granulated goodness back to its origin. I can't imagine how difficult it must've been to stir that coffee! It had to be similar to stirring thick mud with a broom handle! I can't help but think of Wilford Brimley's famous line: "...diabeetus..." Maybe I'm crazy, but isn't coffee supposed to taste like coffee? Instead of tasting like a light-speed trip to the candy kingdom with a hint of mocha?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lacrimosa Dominae

Thats what I am listening to at the moment; Lacrimosa Dominae. I remember it from the Spider-Man 2 trailer and it took forever to find. But I finally did and here I love having it in the background when I work. The song makes me feel more motivated, on a mission or racing against time, haha. I definitely prefer instrumental pieces, as opposed to lyrical songs, when I am working. I find the words of the music is too distracting to my thought process.

Yes, Lacrimosa does have lyrics, technically, but its a choir singing in Latin, so its not really distracting. Another list of favorites: anything composed by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, or Klaus Badelt. So essentially the music from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, or any classic cinematic from the past 3 decades, haha. Think about it, these movies were meant to move people; to motivate them, inspire them, light their brains up in new ways! So listening to their instrumental soundtracks is a great way to keep those feelings alive and useful when faced with tasks, obstacles or even daily routines. Well, it works for me, anyway.

Great way to wake-up motivated and pumped for the day: 1) Buy an alarm clock that allows you to play a specific song of your choice when alarm goes off. 2) Place your favorite article of clothing next to your alarm clock (a hat, if you have one.) 3) Program the alarm clock to play the Indiana Jones Theme when you wake up. 4) When you wake up, put on your hat, listen to the song for a moment, pretend you're looking into a camera and say aloud an epic catch phrase or line like, "Here we go again." 5) Start your day in an epic way.

In other news: I've been studying a monologue for my Acting Class and its going really well! Its from the theatrical performance, "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot." Its a wonderful play, I just recently watched it on youtube, and I thought it was very provocative and original. My piece, specifically, is the monologue of Butch Honeywell, at the end. So far my memorization skills have proven far. I'm having to recall my study methods from college, when I took a semester of Mandarin Chinese; read it, write it, read it, write it from memory, repeat until memorized (done by sections.) The class overall is going well. The students have been fun and Jason Bruffy, the teacher, makes each class an interesting experience. He has a long history with theatre directing, acting, etc, and it shows with every class.

The next class is this Wednesday, at the Florida Studio Theatre (theater? theatre? proper spelling?) to add anxiety to the excitement, I met one of the head theater directors last week, and she promised to bring me a sample of her Israeli coffee! This should be an interesting broadening of culinary horizons. Although I do not drink coffee regularly anymore (kicked the habit, whoo!), I do occasionally indulge in a 'cup o' joe' and I make sure it is a damn good one. Yes, unfortunately I do take Starbucks sometimes, but those are the times I require a little caffeine boost and don't require taste perfection. Some of you may be shocked at my words, but its my opinion that Starbucks' coffee has a slightly more than comfortable burned (burnt?) taste to it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

There for me

The website is essentially done! For all intents and purposes, it's pretty much finished :). I'll be making an announcement soon for it and it'll go live! Woot!

I've recently come into contact with a fellow voice over/actress, Caryn Clark, of . Definitely check out her website, she is one cool dame! It was really a pleasure to meet her (only via email, unfortunately) because we share a lot of the same background; both voice overs, and UF Alumi! Its always a breath of fresh air to see people you can relate to succeed, right? Especially when business slows down, or you're in between waves of progress. I am currently not moving too quickly forward, and thats natural, its all a part of the entrepreneurial life! And even though things aren't ideal at the moment, I'm still extremely proud of what I've accomplished thus far and I know there is no where to go but up.

It's times like these that I complete a task, or overcome a hurdle and I pick my head up to say "Dad, come check this out!" but an instant later I remember that he's gone. He passed away this past March at the age of 60. He really was a mentor and inspiration for me, and he still is. I was so timid to move forward after I graduated from college, and I didn't even realize it. When faced with big decisions, I would delay as long as I could, until the very last minute. I avoided topics that could change my life. I suppose part of that was attributed to the thought of leaving dad behind and missing time with him. Now that he's gone, a strange thing has happened. I thought his sudden passing would shock me into reclusive state or make me even more hesitant to move forward, but come to find out the opposite has happened. I've never felt so alive and motivated to keep moving up and out. I know dad is always with me now and I know he's happy; that gives me the strength to dream bigger and act on those dreams.

These are also the times when I recognize my dad helping me through different means. I have such an amazing and supportive family and friends, I sometimes feel I don't deserve it. One of my best friends, Gemma, is such a genuine and caring person and I can relate to her life in many ways. She and I were team mates on the UF swim team, we both have lost a family member too soon in life, and we both love writing. Just like dad used to do, Gemma is always reminding me to continue my writing (I'm pretty lazy about it), and she also checks in on me often just to say hi. We'll randomly send each other assorted baskets of sugary delights, as well. She is so full of love and kindness, and I know, in a way, this is my dad's love working through her. This is the reason why I keep moving forward. My family and friends are all here to help me succeed, and I for them, as well. Its amazing how intertwined your life is and most of us don't ever realize it. When I think about it, all that timidness and hesitation ceases to exist. It melts away and my path becomes more clearer than ever. Naturally, the fog will return and I will stray from the trail, but thats when you look for the lights of your life to re-orient yourself. They'll always be there for me, even during the worst of times when all I want to do is sulk and mope. They're there, I just have to look for them.

Love you and miss you dad!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not so keen with Safari

Just a future-FYI for all Apple users: For some reason, its been difficult to find an audio player to embed on my website that is compatible with Safari. Therefore, if you can't see my audio players to hear my AWESOME VOICE OVER DEMOS, then open my website in Chrome, or Firefox, or (God forbid) Internet Explorer.


With blogs come grammatical errors

Just picked out all the grammar errors of my last post, haha.

Go easy on me, folks.


Back at Starbucks...

Carpe diem! Seize the....carp. I'm back at Starbucks at the moment, working to get this website up and running.

Why Starbucks? Coffee. But Grant, how do you deal with the relaxing music (which causes the opposite effect), the hipsters and lack of open spaces in comfy seats? I'm glad you asked. See, the obnoxious construction on US-19 makes access to this particular Starbucks atrocious. I mean, just a complete headache. You have to wait to do a u-turn at the longest red light on the west coast of Florida, on top of the construction. Therefore, barely anybody is coming to this Starbucks. Essentially, I've got the entire place to myself, and this pleases me. I could probably do my computer work and enjoy my coffee while nude, if I (and the employees of Starbucks) deemed it necessary, haha. I think we've all had those moments when we've considered the idea of streamlining our work efficiency through the use of partial and/or full nudity. Just a thought for you all to ponder on.

Because some of you are now thinking about it.

And now some of you have probably done a visual sweep/mental evaluation of your surroundings, and then considered the consequences of working naked where you're sitting at this...very...moment.

Hey, you only live once.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Name, New Company, New Grant

Hey Gang!

At the moment, I am trying to build a whole new website for the brand new company I'm forming for my voice over business. It's gonna be, as the greeks used to say, sicknastyawesome. I will keep you posted as all sorts of stuff hits the fan, haha.